President Flip Flops

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From a meme into an actual company. Turning the President's political flip flops into actual flip flops. (Limited run 1,000 pairs sold out).

With President Flip Flops people can finally do what our president does best: "Go back on your word, one step at a time.” Take a scroll through the President’s ~40,000 tweets and you’ll be sure to catch some contradicting opinions. With President Flip Flops, we are turning the President’s political flip flops into actual flip flops, carefully curating two of his opposing tweets onto each foot in three separate versions; Electoral College Edition, Sources Edition, and Syria Edition.

With coverage from BBC, MSNBC, viral Twitter, and the front page of Reddit, as well as more than 20,000 followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, sales skyrocketed as avid fans from 47 states quickly bought out all 1,000 pairs in less than a month. Customers took pride in knowing that their stance in repping Trump's flip flopping tweets on their feet also meant a small step against his political agenda, as 10% of all sales were donated to the ACLU.

Art Direction by Sam Morrison, Copywriting by Donald J. Trump.