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(Role - Art Director)

The @apple Instagram account on brings 'Shot on iPhone' to social for the first time. For the launch, 38 iPhone photographers from around the world were showcased in a "launch grid" experience. Curated in an eclectic mix of perspectives, the launch grid showed just a sliver of the diverse range of the iPhone photography community on Instagram.

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Launch Grid

The 38 iPhone photographers were organized into 8 carousels surrounding a central anthem film. Swiping through each carousel gave a balanced flow of the assortment of perspectives and styles.

Anthem Film

This film was set at the center of our launch grid. Combining the words and images of our featured photographers, it represents a collective intention of how the account will live on the platform.


38 iPhone Photographers

To tell their stories, short video vignettes of each user pair their images with words from interviews conducted over the phone. From a Principle Dancer in the American Ballet Theatre, to a “Hotshot” forest firefighter, to a ship captain, and everything in between these videos represent a small portion of the iPhone community. Here’s a select few.


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A sponsored post teasing the Launch Grid to give exposure to the account.